Our old POS company dropped the ball when XP was EOL’d–we were no longer PCI compliant and they had no plan! POS on Cloud got us up and running with a plan, now we’re fully PCI compliant.

Pita Pit Louisville

My wife and I opened for business in 2013. We sell healthy, prepackaged meals to go. So we are sort of a hybrid between a retailer and a restaurant with multiple locations. Its our first venture into opening a business. One of my concerns was how to process sales, track inventory and run a POS system. We have never done anything like this before.
We looked at several options and there really was no comparison. Between the strength of the POS on cloud system, ease of use, and the cloud… the choice was easy. Plus, the price was right. Great value for what you get.

The POS on Cloud system is so easy to operate and is extremely user friendly. It surprised me how powerful it was from a functionality standpoint, given that it was so easy to learn and operate. Processing sales is very easy. All the reporting functions are amazing……you can slice and dice and analyze your business anyway you want. For our specific application, there was a missing function to run certain searches and reports the way I wanted. POS on Cloud was very accommodating and programmed something custom for us in a matter of no time.

I would recommend POS on Cloud to any potential business owners out there. Great product, super reliable and great customer service.


Jason Tedesco CFO/COO fit-flavors LLC

fit-flavors LLC