POS Applications: Healthcare

POS Applications: Healthcare

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POS Applications: Healthcare

      Health Care; it’s one of the largest industries in the United States. In fact, in 2011 Health Care constituted 6% of the entire United States GDP, at $1,136,000,000,000, yes, that’s a trillion.

      There are overĀ 16 million people employed in the industry around the U.S., and it is only going to grow. That means proper organization, management, and the tools to facilitate such are important now more than ever.

      At POS on Cloud, we give you the tools to manage and run your business, and today we are going to talk about how we fit with Healthcare.

What does a healthcare company need a point-of-sale system for?

      Well, I’m glad you asked! Many healthcare facilities have cafeterias or dining halls for patients, residents, and even employees. The difference with these facilities needs comes in to play when they have to tie together the patient’s data with what they eat or purchase. POS on Cloud is one of the only cloud-based point of sale companies that can cater to this environment, and these needs. The amount of customer data that we allow you to store securely in the system gives you unprecedented insight into your patients. This can also be used for record keeping.

How can a healthcare company use POS on Cloud?

      Many ways! Apart from contributing incredible insight and records on your patients or residents, POS on Cloud has many other potential applications. Several of these include data analytics, which can lead to tracking costs and increasing revenue, improving the quality of interaction with the patient, and employee management.

      It’s the interaction with the patient or resident that truly sets POS on Cloud apart. We have convenient features like notes and birthdays; but we also have crucial features such as nutrition facts, room delivery, allergen tracking, and more. POS on Cloud allows your employees to remember everything about a patient or resident, without having to remember it. This can mean the world of positive difference in a patient or resident’s experience at your facility.

What other needs can POS on Cloud fulfill?

      In our experience, some of the most requested and used features are house accounts, invoicing, tracking purchase orders or receivables, inventory management, customer management, and specialty gift or loyalty programs. We even have an API for simple integration into your existing systems. As a smaller company, we are much more agile, and we will work harder to make sure our enterprise level solutions work for you.

      I hope you have enjoyed this brief article on point of sale applications in one of the most important industries in the U.S.; the healthcare industry.

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